Solecheck, shoes and cart wheel cleaners from Korea

Complex cleanroom systems with easy operation and maintenance – Daeshin equipment from Korea can keep your production lines and laboratories clean. With shoe sole cleaning, shoe cleaning and trolley wheel cleaning machines, you can ensure spotless surface cleanliness of the objects involved by walking over the carpeted surfaces of the machine or rolling the trolley wheels.


Around 80% of contaminants enter indoor spaces through visitors’ footwear. Using Solecheck cleaning equipment, you can enter high-cleanliness areas without changing shoes or using a footbag.

The product can be used at the entrance to laboratories, food factories, warehouses and sterile work areas. The vacuum technology installed in the carpet surface of the unit cleans the soles and part of the exposed outer surface of the footwear with high efficiency during passage. The special flooring also cleans the wheels and rollers that pass through it.

The dust and dirt removed is circulated through the unit’s complex filtration system into a specially insulated container, so that substances neutralised during cleaning are not returned* to the air. During maintenance, previously collected dirt can be discharged through a special collection container.

Shoecleaner for industrial usage

The industrial shoe cleaner can be used at entry points in areas with high cleaning requirements, as well as in food processing, healthcare and microelectronics factories and plant areas. The equipment can be easily moved and relocated to another part of the plant if required.

Cartwheel cleaner

Daeshin from Korea offers a first-class solution for cleaning the rolling surfaces of goods handling equipment in cleanrooms and areas with high cleaning requirements. Equipped with densely woven brushes and a water-detergent wash system, the flooring ensures efficient cleaning and fast removal.

The wheel cleaner can accommodate goods wagons with a load of up to 200 kg. The device cleans the wheels in a row. The wheels are securely locked during the operation.

The cleaning agent rotary brush removes the dirt according to a preset timer programme. Maintenance of the unit is simple. The storage and disposal of the removed dirt and the generated waste water comply with industry standards.

The equipment dries the washed wheels so that the trolley does not leave a mark on the floor of the cleaning area when moving on.

Daeshin cleanroom equipments

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