Cleanroom equipments to the highest standards

There are production sites where only the strictest safety and cleanliness standards are allowed. These include the laboratories of medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies (including vaccine manufacturers), the production halls of IT and electronics companies and battery manufacturers that require maximum dust-free conditions, and not least the production lines of food companies. Although each site has different activities, they all have in common that the clothing of workers, including shoes, coats and hairnets, must be spotlessly clean, almost completely dust-free, otherwise they cannot even enter the cleanrooms.

Some cleanroom equipment is used in specialised production areas, while other equipment can be used in almost all industries, such as the hotel industry. Why? The most obvious reason is cleanliness and hygiene, which, especially since the pandemic behind us, has been the focus of more attention than ever for most operators. Universal Solutions Zrt. offers complex solutions for most of the listed industries and service providers, from cleanroom design and construction to the supply and professional installation of a wide variety of cleanroom equipment – both in Hungary and in the countries of the European Union.

Airshower, shoe cleaner and special flooring

Industrial shoe cleaning, cartwheel cleaner equipments and special dust and dirt traps are also common everyday items of cleanroom equipment. While air showers simply ‘sweep’ off the dust left on clothing and protective equipment with the power of air, specially coated cleanroom floors help to safely remove dirt that can hide in the grooves of shoe soles. To be on the safe side, it’s also a good idea to reinforce the protective line between the cleanroom and the production line with an industrial shoe cleaner, which uses air blasting and a multitude of tiny brushes to do a thorough and clean job. If you work with carts, a cart wheel cleaner can make a great and efficient job for you.

Laboratory equipments

Specially designed for health care providers, vaccine manufacturers and research centres, our internationally recognised and used solutions of coolers, claves and special storage and transfer boxes are all available in our product range. These devices provide a reliable service under special conditions for the health of all of us, which is why the manufacturer offers reliable guarantees for its products. Click here, and learn more about laboratory equipments.

How to get cleanroom equipments?

You can get your cleanroom equipment in Hungary from Universal Solutions Zrt. Some products are available directly from our warehouse, while other equipment can be supplied to order. We provide technical support for all equipment, so you and your business will receive professional service from order to installation and commissioning. Please contact our sales support team on the contact details below!

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