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Biobase is one of the biggest and well known cleanroom equipment manufaturer in the world. They procude medical equipment,scientific Instruments with a decade of experience.


Biobase légzuhany tisztatéri berendezés illusztrációja

The Biobase air shower is a necessary gateway for people entering the room, through which we can minimise the amount of particulate matter that can be carried into a clean room, ensuring a clean workplace.

An air shower blows contaminants from the clothing of the occupant under the air stream from the nozzles at high velocity. The equipment is used to minimise the amount of dust and dirt that can be carried into a space.

Laboratory equipments

Biobase manufatures different machines for laboratories, hospitals and other related facilites. Including laboratory refrigerator of various capacities is a special refrigeration equipment for the storage of pharmaceuticals and biological products. It can be used in hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hygiene and anti-epidemic stations and clinics.

The Biobase Microbiological Safety Cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory work area suitable for working with materials contaminated with pathogens requiring a special level of biological safety.

The Biobase Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet is a workbench that creates a particle-free working environment by extracting air through a filter system and exhausting it through the work surface in laminar or unidirectional airflow. The constant positive pressure prevents external contaminants from entering the cabin. The laminar flow cabinet is widely used in medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other research and production environments, for example for sample storage.

Professional equipments to your laboratory

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